Photographer's blog. Spontaneity and improvisation rule!

I really like sincere heartfelt images. Despite the fact that most of my photos look set up where every detail had been prepared in advance, as though “they had been preparing and planning for a long time, and spent a few hours on every shot”… Actually, almost all images are born spontaneously, as a result of improvisation! Before the shoot itself you have the idea, it’s usually still pretty vague though. And this is exactly why your photos retain vividness and life!

Here’s the some lifehack from me.

Never try to prepare a perfect thorough plan of the lifestyle photo shoot. Just some mental concept of the image, location and important details. Take as many props as you need and even grab some extra, so you have something to choose from. I try to avoid ather pictures with similar ideas. The concept in my head is still pretty vague, and this is where the improvisation comes in handy.

During the photo shoot don’t be afraid to use your imagination, to experiment with poses, backgrounds, emotions, motions, eyes and facial expressions. Don’t ask your  model to stand still, don’t stick to poses, you should perceive the whole process as a game. It’s important for the model to really feel the image, to be on the same vibe with you, so she can understand what you actually want from her. For that to happen you need to communicate your ideas to her, maintain high level of fruitful communication.