Photographer's blog. A new trip to Asia!. Alice Nabieva. Photographer & Videographer in Jacksonville, FL

I love Asia. I lived there long enough to be amazed by their lifestyle, to get used to them, but still, I couldn't understand a thing! And finally... the moment has come, I'm in Japan! A childhood dream, but not a dream anymore!

Just a few of my observations.

In Tokyo any street is a wonderful location for a shoot! We only had a couple of hours to walk around, and that was so far from enough for me! I wanted to see every corner of that majestic city... But the 35-degree heat thought differently.

Actually, Tokyo is pretty clean. Which is weird, because finding a trash-can is practically impossible. They are so weird, they're trying to get rid of trash in the streets with no trash-cans.

It's surprising, actually, how many levels this city has. Sometimes you feel at the ground floor - a parking lot, sidewalks, cafes, trees... and then you realize that you're a couple hundred meters from the ground at the 50th floor!

For me, however, it was so much more interesting to explore the "ground floor" of the city. This is where the "lower" class people live, but it's nevertheless clean. You feel humble elegance, reality, their ethnic spirit and some weird craziness.

Once at a little get-together with sake some Japanese girls told me a huge secret. If you see a fashionable white foreign woman in Tokyo - you can be sure, she's from Russia! They adore our beauty, white skin, our figures.

Overall, I developed a strong attitude to Japanese women during that trip. They are very elegant, reserved and confident coquettes with great dignity. Their posture, the walk, their dressing style - it all shows high taste and harmony with their body. These are the things that distinguish them from all other Asian women. For example. Thai, Malaysia, Cambodian, Vietnamese women are rather sloppy and have no elegance whatsoever. Perhaps, this is why they all try to be more like Japanese - they dress similarly, put makeup similarly and even try to talk like them. 

This is what I saw.