Photographer in Moscow. Alice Nabieva. Photographer & Videographer in Jacksonville, FL

Hi there,

I’m a photographer and videographer and I have been doing this for 9 years now. I was born in Russia, lived in Asia for a long time, I traveled a lot, and I live in the US now.

My passion for photography drives me to create aspirational and attainable images for people and brands. A collaborator on still and motion campaigns, I love dreaming up ideas with clients and working together to make them happen.

Having an art degree, I’ve always loved to create sculptures and portraits. I love working with people’s stories, feelings and emotions. When I decided to combine photography and the art of portraying one’s true soul, I realized that this was what had been missing from my life. Now I don’t work, I create.

I also have huge experience in graphic design, advertising, video production, as leading designer and art director, so I have high level skills in professional photo processing. These skills allow me not just to reveal the underlying idea, but to create images in my own unique style, based on the understanding of the viewer’s visual perception patterns.

 I’d like to visit more countries to take pictures of people from different parts of the world. I already have shoots from Thailand, Malaysia, Japan, Singapore, China, Israel, Cyprus, US, Russia and Ukraine.

My goal is to grow as a creative specialist, continuing to do what I like to do: uniquely and unforgettably tell my client’s story. This goal has no boundaries, no limits. It’s a journey that will never end.