Photographer's blog. The director by your own show!

Be honest, do you think that capturing the right angle is the decisive factor in making a successful artistic photo? You are wrong, if you really think that!

Speaking from experience, the main thing in a successful artistic photoshoot is the ability to TRANSMIT YOUR IDEAS AND EMOTIONS to the object of the photo shoot! Only then can we mention angles, poses, locations, equipment and so forth.

So, here are the three main principles:

1) Talk to you model!

Not just with words, but with gestures as well. The body language and mimics are of paramount importance. I remember a few times when some foreigners didn't speak a word of English. Wasn't easy! With the help of pics off the Internet, grunting, moaning and grimacing we managed to understand each other and even be on the same vibe! Good thing nobody saw that

2) Let the model relax

Jokes, music, dances, wine, talking, meditating... You wouldn't even believe what we sometimes do during photo shoots, but it's a necessity, whatever it may be! Once a Thai girl jumped in right into the sea from a cliff just to relax a bit, get her mind off things. Though it was a pretty stressful moment for me

3) Help your model to feel, experience and live the image you want to create! Be ready to play the role, you are the "directors of your own show"

Actually, what you need is a bit more confidence, humor and dedication!